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Posted by questionauthoritees on July 3, 2009



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Battery Powered Vehicles

Posted by questionauthoritees on July 3, 2009

You may have recently read about how Warren Buffett invested in electric car company called BYD. Now remember this investment comes from a man who only invests in the most conservative improvement companies. Many people laughed at him during the .com craze because he would not invest in technology companies as he didn’t understand their businesses. And now he is chosen to invest in a company whose claim to fame is improving the lithium-ion battery.

The direction this company is going in is absolutely incredible, it appears that in the very near future they will have a lithium-ion battery in production at a price target of $150 per kilowatt hour versus the $500 per kilowatt hour most current lithium-ion batteries cost now. Combine that with the fact that you can drink the fluid from the battery… it isn’t toxic.

All of a sudden we’re talking about battery powered vehicles that will cost less than vehicles powered by the internal combustion engine. If we combine that with the fact that their operating costs will be something like 25% of the operating costs on an internal combustion engine and think you can see our electrical needs are going to increase dramatically in the coming years. This is going to change the way we use electricity in our country, it’s going to cause a huge growth in the amount of electricity that we need… would you rather provide this with a source that is free like the sun and the wind and the waves or not. This is so simple I just don’t get why people don’t understand it… you can currently install a photovoltaic system on your business but will pay for itself and roughly 6 to 10 years depending on the size of the system and the cost of your electricity. After that, all about electricity is virtually free for somewhere between 20 to 50 years. If this was being offered to you as an investment for your retirement fund people would be jumping all over it. Do you realize that the photovoltaic panels that were installed on our satellites in the 60s are still providing power to those same satellites after more than 40 years in space.

If you think that a communication and technology revolution has been rapid just wait.  But the communication and technology that we have available for changes in how we produce energy Outlook is incredible. The idea that we would even consider building a coal-fired power plant at this time is so ignorant it’s almost laughable.

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New shirt design

Posted by questionauthoritees on June 25, 2009

QuestionAuthoriTees Distressed

QuestionAuthoriTees Distressed

Here is my newest design for my store. To view more designs, click here.

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North Korea – nuclear facilities being harvested

Posted by questionauthoritees on June 25, 2009

North Korea is harvesting weapons grade plutonium from its nuclear facilities and made the announcement official. This is just another step in the escalation of the nuclear situation they are in a perfect example of how it can take place in other areas once they have nuke we are facilities.

How come no one takes the costs of all of this into consideration when looking at the economic viability of alternative energy… think about this. We are looking at the possibility of Iran starting up a nuclear power plant that would give them access to weapons grade plutonium. It is quite possible that Israel will bomb them to prevent that plant from starting up; maybe with our approval. We know that much of the world does not want Iran to gain access to this nuclear material. Doesn’t it seem somewhat hypocritical to expand nuclear energy but only in the countries where we think it is okay?

The money spent on developing cost-effective forms of alternative energy would result in saving hundreds of billions even trillions of dollars in wars and negotiations over nuclear weapons. What better way to tell another country that they cannot have nuclear power and to offer them a more cost-effective cleaner form of energy production at their citizens would rather have. It’s time that we start thinking about things in the long term, it’s impossible to negotiate with the carrot and the stick if you don’t have both.

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The New Economy

Posted by questionauthoritees on June 22, 2009

You may not realize it but it’s already begun…. the new world economy is happening right before our eyes. In a recent Sierra Magazine I read that wind energy now employs more people than coal mining, can you believe that?  Coal supplies over 50% of the power that we use in the United States… wind energy supplies something like 1% if that!  And yet more people are employed in the wind energy business, that is just incredible.

Let me ask you this question; would you rather be a coal miner or work developing, building and installing windmills. Which one of these two you think we are more likely to sell around the world in the years to come. Do you realize that when you build a windmill and install it at the cost of the energy it produces basically decreases from that day forward… you write down the value of the equipment, the wind is free, and maintenance is minimal, and every day it works the cost of the energy it produces is less.

When you build a coal-fired power plant you still have to supply it with the fuel. You have to go out and carve up the mountains to mine the fuel and pay for the miners and equipment to do that, then you have to pay for the transportation to get it to the power plant, after that you have to pay a tax for the pollution that it produces because of the problems it causes, and after that you have to pay the increased health care costs and deal with the 30,000 people who are killed every year because of the poor quality air they breathe in.

When you look at this it’s easy to see why there’s going to be a new economy, we will move away from traditional energy sources like petroleum and coal and all of the ancillary costs to accompany them. The rapid changes in technology will provide unbelievable opportunities in the areas of solar, wind, geothermal, wave and tidal energy. This low cost of energy will allow us to produce hydrogen on a localized basis so that there is no need to transport it… one of the biggest problems with using hydrogen as an energy source. Imagine if you produce hydrogen at your home to fill your car, he no longer need a service station to provide your fuel or you just use a battery powered vehicle. How hard do you think the petroleum companies will fight to prevent that from happening, how much money do you think they will spend to delay it as long as possible.

The new economy is here… most people just don’t realize it yet

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Posted by questionauthoritees on June 18, 2009

Energy Independence Day – 7.03.2009

Join the movement for Alternative Energy. How? 3.3.3. Do not do anything for 3 minutes. Do not move. Do not talk. Do not interact. On the 3rd day of the month, at 3 PM, for 3 minutes.

Our children will inherit a nation in decline. The next generation will have the largest body of individuals, from ages 9 to 30. If things don’t change now they will be expected to have shorter life spans, prone to diseases like cancer and most of all national debts amounting to trillions of dollars.

This generation is not politically partisan, more technically inclined and culturally adept. They will be our successors when our time has passed.

Our memories will live on through them…

Please give them a chance to have a better future.

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